(You MUST read the following policies and procedures before submitting an application)


A.  Fundraising activities at DUMC focus on alternative ways to financially support at least three purposes which are not typically funded in the operating budget:

1.  Specific mission, importance, and needs of the organization which is raising the funds.

2.  Help build community within the church and enthusiasm for its ministries.

3.  As directed by Trustees, utilize small groups to address facility improvements and repairs.

B.  Fundraising should never overshadow the practice of stewardship.  The amount of funds raised, the frequency of fundraisers, or the objectives of raising the funds should be directed toward specific purposes so as not to compete with typical contributions to the church operations.  Nor should funds be raised for unnecessary items that may be luxuries when other essential needs in the church are not being met.  Yearly stewardship campaign, ongoing capital campaigns, and special DUMC affiliated offerings are outside the scope of this policy.

C.  Fundraising activities cannot be a vehicle for promoting the business of individual church members or constituents to the exclusion of others.  Proposed fundraising activities where a specific individual or individuals have the opportunity to make a profit on items sold, or otherwise promote their individual businesses, will not be approved.

D.  Fundraising activities must be aware of and respectful of the needs, customs, and integrity of church ministries and organizations, and should seek to build partnerships in cooperation with other groups to avoid competition and duplication.

E.  These guidelines will be agreed upon by the Administrative Board and may be modified from time to time, as the Administrative Board deems appropriate.

F.  Specific existing fundraising activities that are currently ongoing (First Thursday Lunch to support Helping Hands and the Baby Bottle drive to support the Pregnancy Counseling Center) are approved as part of this document.  Reoccurring fundraising activities may be discontinued voluntarily or by the Administrative Board.  If voluntarily discontinued, they must reapply in accordance with the policy to restart.


A.  Before a fundraising activity to be held at or sponsored by the church can take place, the activity must be reviewed and approved by the Administrative Board, the appropriate church committees, and the Trustees (if related to facilities) as detailed in the Procedures section of this document.  Activities "sponsored by the church" include all activities promoted by or at DUMC as well as those activities promoted by its standing church committees, whether the fundraising activity is to be held at DUMC or at some other location.

B.  If the activity involves usage of DUMC facilities or involves facility improvements or repairs, the proposed improvement or repair will initially be submitted to Trustees and second to the Administrative Board for approval.  Otherwise, the application will be submitted to the Administrative Board.  Fundraising activities cannot be promoted at DUMC (via the Sunday bulletin or by other media means) until approval has been obtained.

C.  Requests to use church facilities may be submitted online.  If a fundraising activity involves use of church facilities, the Office Administrator will reserve the requested space including scheduled date, time and location, and contact information of the fundraising chairperson.

D.  Proceeds of fundraising activities must be deposited to a church checking account through the Business Manager.  These funds will be accounted for as "Designated Funds" to be used strictly for the intent and purpose of the fundraising activity.  As such, any donations and/or funds will be considered tax deductible (DUMC 501 c3 tax classification).  When disbursements are required, a check will be generated by the Business Manager based on the submission of a requisition/request/receipt.  These procedures are intended to protect the mission of the church funding program and to facilitate appropriate accounting and records for all financial transactions.  An accounting of the revenues and expenses of approved fundraising activities must be submitted to the Finance Committee by the fundraising chairperson within two weeks following the activities conclusion.

E.  If the fundraising activity involves sales of merchandise, the chairperson will work with the church Business Manager to file the appropriate sales tax returns.  Even though DUMC is a tax-exempt organization, sales tax must be collected and remitted on all sales of merchandise unless the merchandise sold at the activity is purchased by DUMC in a transaction where sales tax is paid.

Fundraising Application