"Who Are You?"

The question, "Who are you?" depends a lot on how and where the question is asked. If you ask this to a stranger you find unexpectedly in your home, chances are you are in for a bad day. If you ask the same question as you look in the mirror then something else entirely is going on. Maybe you have asked your children, "Who are you?" when they become teenagers, or perhaps in a tough time in marriage you have asked your spouse this question. "Who are you?" is one of the most important questions we can ask because so much is riding on the answer. As I begin as your new pastor this is an apt question as you all want to know who I am, and believe me, I want to know who you are as well. Over the next four weeks we will explore this crucial question as it is encountered in Scripture. Along the way we will learn a little about each other but more importantly we will learn a lot about Who really is able to shape our identity.