Big Gulp

The Story Of Jonah 4.15.2018

Resurrection Road


What's Love Got To Do With It

A Discussion On How The World Defines Love, How Our Culture Defines Love and How The Bible Defines Love


What It means To Be Baptized

Gimme Three Weeks

A look At Why we need Church and why we need Jesus

Simple Christmas


Save Me

The Wonder Year

Sticks And Stones "Are Not The Problem"


Spiritual Forensics


Up And Down


Gifted For A Purpose


Can’t Miss This


Text Message From God




When Empty Is A Good Thing

God’s story brings hope to those who are hopeless by providing life on the other side of disappointment.  Where are you in your story?

Easter Sunday

April 16, 2017

Palm Sunday


This is 40


What Does It Mean To Be A Harbor of Hope In A Chaotic World?


Get In The Game


January 1, 2017


December 18, 2016


The Dream of a Common Man

December 11, 2016

Wait, I thought it was Christmas!

December 4, 2016

Where do you live?

November 20, 2016

Do we dream as big as God does?

November 13, 2016

All Saints Sunday

November 6,2016 - Christian Faith has a lot to teach us about the nature of life, death, and life and death. We will explore this today.


Stewardship (the wise use of the resources God has entrusted us with) is a big part of discipleship. To be a disciple means to be a good st

Hearing From God: How to listen for God’s voice

Ways to push all those distractions aside so we can concentrate on the voice of God & actually listen to what God has to say.

Take A Load Off

Anita delivers a powerful message about burdens.

Camp Meet 2016

Based on various topics from Camp Meet 2016 in Denver, NC.

"Who Are You?"

The question, "Who are you?" depends a lot on how and where the question is asked.


Trusting God In Transition

Jesus' Expectations

What expectations does Jesus have for each of us as we follow Him?

Encounters with Jesus

A sermon series to help you identify and understand the encounters we have with Jesus in our lives.

Love Is...

A single sermon for Valentine's Day.


Everyone likes to celebrate but winning is backed by hard work.

A Baby Changes Everything

What difference did the birth of Jesus make upon the world? Well, it changed everything for all time.

Dreams of the Church

What are your dreams for Denver UMC? Share these each week as we explore the power of dreaming for God's Church.